Bianchi C2C Via Nirone 7

And it happened, a road bike through the cycle to work scheme, super grateful to work, yes I have already been asked if I have been out on it but, it is on the agenda, a target that moves, health then fitness, matter over mind, it seems my health is stable and so I will take some small tentative pedal stroke on it, all in good time!

Understandably it might have been too big for a neighbour to receive, even getting it into my flat, mind you, the delivery man did say its one of the lightest bikes he has delivered…

Since starting my career, erm, started cycling, I have always loved the colour scheme of the Bianchi’s, I have never had an Italian frame, or even a fully kitted out Italian bike, absolutey loved lifting this out.

This is just so special, it felt good, really light and very comfortable to hold, it tasted like I had been waiting for ages! oh, the bike is going to get a great review soon, just a little warmer weather and a few items to buy and we there.

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