Adsense will implode

Or maybe it wont? Early 2012 I uploaded to YouTube a video – Sarcoid, this is a song about my condition – Sarcoidosis. It took two weeks to prove the song is in-fact mine and I own all the rights to it, unsure why they did not believe me, it was a chap ‘David’ I communicated with from Google UK.

During that time I decided to upload quite a few videos on allsorts of articles; advice, how to, poems, music, reviews etc. Then, at the end of April, and after five years or so with them, AdSense banned me, I gather quite a few viewers of this post have had the similar email ‘Invalid Activity’ report, huh?

Upon my uploading of videos I kept in contact with this David, he assured me I was OK and nothing was wrong, I had allowed adverts on all videos that were allowed without copyright infringement. Yet AdSense came back stating I had violated their terms and conditions, jeez, I was gutted, I felt like a fraudulent criminal, yes, not a real one at all!

After appealing, and letting them know I had created an introduction video to my channel with the idea of not to advertise on the intro, I hoped they would see that my song Sarcoid is indeed all mine, and I only put adverts onto original videos that I created, nope, appeal turned down.

You might wonder why I left it all this time? I finally decided to try some other channels, a little different with and and will see?

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