So fucked off

Its the first time iv opened a post in that manner. Last week, when last years acupuncture dots appeared on my ankles, I knew the sarcoid was raising its shit head again, in remission for two months and a steady reduction of the ‘Pred’ simply brought it on, proper fucked off.

Also heard I had not achieved the measurement technician position. Upon applying it was mentioned that they need 12, I should have walked it, obviously I didn’t, two rejections in a week, although the first I was way too informal, the second I tried…

Im on £6:60/hour, £13.7k/year, I work so hard, don’t fuck about, great for team moral and humour, huh… Very happy to have been given that chance to get back into work through Leeds Remploy, but the reliance on tax credits is also a major factor, the credits are due to drop early 2014, hence I would hope to progress within the structure, most are on a substantial amount greater than me. I know im worthy of a living wage and not a surviving one, still a few months, yet the sarcoid is here too.

It is so difficult explaining to folks it has returned, I knew last week but dare not say, once I say so then I get folks saying I might be wrong, it might be in my imagination, wait and see, chin up, fight the fucker…

As Bernie Mac said ‘I’m now tired’ in his hospital bed with pneumonia through a chest infection. I had a chest infection and needed anti-pneumonia tablets, still and though im tired, I will push on, I know most mean well, but please do not patronise me, sarcoidosis is a serious shit that causes death.

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