Socialism doesn’t work but Kindness does

Guess I will keep this utterly short. Socialist folks, does anyone notice how extreme they can get? Like…

“If you don’t agree with me then your a cunt. If you vote conservative your a twat. What I say is correct, your wrong” etc.

Far many other things but anyway, what they don’t ‘get’ those short views are on the edge if not already part of fascism. I’ve been through this too many times with that lot I can no longer be arsed with them.

I do not hate folks for who and what they vote for – any party though I might well disagree with them.

Whats my point?

Anyone can be kind on any side of any vote – it’s not rocket science and doesn’t need ‘tons’ of research. Imagine if everyone who can (and can’t) helped those in need, I know people from all backgrounds and I don’t care who and what they vote for, they are actually very kind.

I also know many folks that claim to be a ‘socialist’ and help no one but simply talk about it.

As I said, utterly short (not short enough!) though I still spent too much time trying to explain kindness works, socialism doesn’t – they are fascists…

Being kind = your good.

Oh, I vote Labour and also voted for #Brexit as I’ve wanted out since 1984.



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