Not Their Real Name.

It’s quite surprising that the MSM are constantly reminding folks that Tommy Robinson isn’t his real name, it comes as a shock every time. So I just thought I would find out some others that they might want to remind us of when reporting on them…

Freddie Mercury.
Bob Dylan.
Helen Mirren.
Katy Perry.
David Bowie.
Jamie Foxx.
Elton John.
Sophia Loren.
Michael Caine.
Meg Ryan.
Bruno Mars.
Jane Seymour.
Lady Gaga.
Prince Harry.
Demi Moore.
Whoopi Goldberg.
Alicia Keys.
Charlie Sheene.
Tina Turner.

The absolutely perfect…

Marilyn Monroe.

Oh, just about any porn star, erm.

That’s not my name, brilliant song by The Ting Tings…


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