These are the true anti-fascist

I’m still sort of shocked (and bruised) from last night of being called a fascist, certainly when I mentioned my granddad Briggs helped defeat the Nazis, the word fascist still filtered through my brain. My calming medications didn’t work. Last Monday I started the two per day bone building medication (drinks), last Thursday I had certain bloods taken, next Thursday I will probably go on some stronger medication for my mind.

This is what defeated fascism and nazism. I’m so gutted how folks from the left are now loosely using those evil words.

I so miss my Granddad Briggs, for various reasons he would have been disappointed last night. Thankfully my mind did change at the point of no return.

Writing this with tears, is it any wonder I can hate my life so much…

Grandad 1

Grandad 2

Grandad 3

Grandad 4

Never ever, call me a fascist…


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