Climate Change?

With all this extinction rebellion stuff, here’s my version of what to do. Yes the ocean plastics are a huge problem and a young lad – Boyan Slat, aged 16 started the ocean cleanup, doing, not talking absolute project fear crap like another 16 year old – Greta Thunberg. My fix:

  • plants love co2, plant millions of trees and grow millions of outdoor and indoor fresh air plants.
  • cut down on the massive human population explosive rise, it is not sustainable.

In a nutshell that’s it!

Do not forget, 1970’s global freezing, 1980’s acid rain. 1990’s CFC’s, 2000’s global warming and now climate change – as it always has done.

Those who remember Mount ST Helens, it blew up, for a time after I remember the orange sunsets, eventually they stopped. It must be told, that explosion put 1000 years co2 into the atmosphere of just one current year’ s worth.

Yep, it’s a modern hoax by the elite to force more tax and spending, utter bollocks. Most scientists who claim climate change is real are usually funded by the governments and MSM etc. Those scientist who claim it is not real are usually not employed by governments and MSM.

Do your own research as I have and fuck the project fear nut jobs…



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