General Election 2019

Ok, my take on this GE2019, probably the most important election of my life (I’m 55).

I am a Labour voter, though this time I can not vote for them, keeping my reasons within a short writing. Jeremy Corbyn and that shadow front bench (and the rear lot) are dangerous (Kate Hoey is fantastic btw), it’s quite obvious they are targeting the young vote with promises that ‘can’ be kept but, nothing is free, do not be fooled by Labour. Corbyn and team just want the power of number 10, they will decimate the economy.

Voting leave in 2016 I thought democracy would prevail, it simply proved all those traitorous MP’s that are in it for themselves and not democracy. Peoples vote – we had it in 2016 which resulted in Brexit, I hoped for a clean break yet it also showed the parasites of the European Union.

Yes, the left, Labour are no longer for the working classes, they are infiltrated by the middle upper class elitisms. Voters like myself are being left politically homeless. My local MP John Grogan of Labour won by a small majority in 2017, the constituency voted leave, he is a remainer.

The Conservative party under Boris Johnson are starting to appeal to us that feel abandoned by Labour, however, I have never and just can not vote for Tories, Now The Brexit party is also here but, the following picture explains it well, hence I can also not vote for them…


So you see, I am not voting. Something that fits the current leftisms is below and as those youngsters being bought by Labour grow older, they will realise the dangers of this current (2019) Labour party, a disaster.


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