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The Utility Warehouse is simply the best

In August 2012 I decided to try and get bills lowered. Unsure of what was the best direction, a cycling friend advised me to use the Utility Warehouse. Because I had never heard of them I was certainly reluctant to change. Andy came to see me, advised me really well, I was still a little reluctant, unlike most types of distributors and sales folks he certainly weren’t pushy.

I decided to go for it! What a saving over 12 months, and so I have also decided to join them, why should I have waited 12 months! as mentioned Andy is not pushy. This August it is only £50 to join the Utility Warehouse, looking to lower your bills yet make some extra cash then sign up through the links, Andy is not forceful or pushy (have I already mentioned that!), push on and join the Utility Warehouse. Simply the best, better than all the rest!