The ESA tribunal 7th June 2012 failed.

It went unbelievably one sided, this is now my response;


Where do I start…

Well, I believe I can appeal the tribunal decision if faults are found within one month, I have already found fault with the initial tribunal report.

I have wrote to ask for a copy of the judge’s hand wrote ‘statement of reasons’ as loads is wrong, for example I was in the room for about 45 minutes, I was told it would be no longer than 25, it was only about the last 10-15 minutes they actually started to go into a small detail of my sarcoidosis inc eyes, all the other time was spent going over ‘mental’ health problems, that I was completely unprepared for, ‘do you carry a crises card’ well in-fact I do and showed it, yet I was at the tribunal because my then – 2nd June 2011 works doctor (DR Smith letters), GP, and chest consultant all said as of 2nd June 2011 I was not allowed to work due to sarcoidosis and the Prednisolone, I lost my job, yet Atos and your government system say otherwise.  The tribunal are hugely at fault. If I had known it was going to take so long I would have taken someone with me for support.

Just one of the fault’s is this; (tribunal 1) they say my eyes only bother me for 30 mins in a morning, that is roughly what they are like now, but for a minimum of 30 minutes, it can be anything up to three hours, last June 2nd 2011 I was on the back end of Bilateral Uveitis, my eyes could take all morning to start functioning OK-ish, this is when the tribunal is supposed to be based upon, other stuff too, the 11th Feb 2011 eye test with Atos was later in the day, my eyes had started to function OK-ish by then.

Have a good look at the attached eye photo (10th June 2012 eyes) as for today – 10th June 2012 is a typical look, my eyes blow blood vessels pretty much daily, can feel like pins being driven into them, so this is the present, uncomfortable, painful, cosmetic, but I can cope, last June it was very different.

I felt fully intimidated and under pressure, I felt I could not get my 2nd June 2011 circumstances across, by the time they had finished interrogating me about mental health I was completely at a loss of where I should have been explaining about my sarcoid and subsequent loss of employment.

This is a massive lack of reasoning, its very simple, on the 2nd of June 2011 I was not allowed to work, I was quite ill to say the least.

I will visit the Keyhouse drop in centre, I am also seeking advice on which media direction I can now take this, don’t forget Paul Burstow (PB2) ‘we are committed to improving services for people with this (sarcoidosis) and other long term conditions’ and then his departments next response is that it is not their department huh…

You all seem to forget, though much of me have improved, my lungs and lymph nodes are now in a worse condition, but thankfully appear stable…

The tribunal was a complete farce; the whole system is a disgrace, and the grotesqueness to those who are honest, with facts and genuinely ill is unbelievable, but now I certainly believe what a bizarre system it is.

I trust you will now contact who ever you need to contact on my behalf, I have been completely mistreated throughout this.

Stuart Briggs.

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