The Sainsburys job interview

As you may well have viewed, earlier in the week I had an interview at Sainsburys in Otley, 24 hours per week, part time and permanent. Im certainly sure I looked the part, much appreciated to Remploy for helping me with some advice. The interview seemed to go OK, mentioned I could cycle there and get showered etc, I could get a road bike on the cycle to work scheme, it sounded really good actually, until it was mentioned the position is temporarily until 5th January 2013.

I had spent six days really building myself up for this interview with the knowledge that im good at interviews and that im usually successful, the difference is, this was my first interview for employment while having a stupid rare illness in Sarcoidosis, not forgetting its only recently that they told me i have slipped into the one in ten sarcoid sufferers, so, and so as soon as that word of ‘temporarily’ was mentioned I felt like the floor opened a little, my fault as maybe I should have asked before we applied for it.

Now, it were also mentioned that other positions might occur after 5th January but these would only be 12 – 16? hours per week, I have done all my sums, I need a permanent position of over 16 – 20 hours per week before December or over 30 hours after December, one of the reasons I need a permanent position is simply that I don’t really need to be having to worry that the temp position is going to come to an end and have to be constantly searching for another job, I need a job where I can start and settle the best possible, It wont be good for me possibly having to jump from one position to another, I might think I can handle that but my sarcoid will think otherwise, difficult to explain, all involved seemed really helpful and understanding, I do want to work but with minimal ‘hassle’ if that makes sense?

Onward, sideways, zig-zagging but still that direction is up and to keep on searching.

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