Bless those little cotton socks

Well I had to get new socks, I have sarcoid of the skin so im trying to get as near as possible to 100% natural fabrics, mainly through Amazon vouchers, will do an in-depth post, article about that soon!

86% cotton, its the most I could get, got 5pr of stars and 5pr of Aztec design… Ah, purple is the international colour of equality – not many folks know that, its also the sarcoid awareness colour – not many folks know that, it was also a favourite colour of Jimi’s – not many folks know that, its also my second favourite colour, behind black – not many folks know that, so I guess not many folks erm, know.

These little cotton socks should provide superb comfort when I fully decide to break my ‘Doc Martens’ in, shoes are just about there!

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