Works party tonight

Its here, its time, its time to remind myself and let common sense prevail somewhat, sussed out what to wear…

I was going to go into work without my rucksack as I did not want to take it or a coat, im going straight to the party after work so I will be taking the rucksack with the wool jumper in it, once there I can put my raincoat into it, and put the jumper on if need be.

Since starting work I really have felt oddly better, but I must remember my skin, lungs and eyes can be quite dreadful in the cold – and hot! looking forward to my first works Christmas party in a long time, and with many more to come, I just can not wear, or drink what my mind tells me to…

And I best not wear this Czech military coat for work just yet, if anyone feels cold in one of these then stay at home, its mega warm, looks too new so once worn in I may dare to venture into work with it.

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