Multi millionaires asking the poor to give all they can.

Each time these sort of events happen I cringe. So, the richest five families in the UK have more combined wealth than the poorest 12 million. That’s right, 12 million!

Why does it take the mega rich asking the poor to give all they can – most probably do to survive? It’s like that dreadful news of the Pitts splitting, they have to work out a way of sharing the 400 million, fucking what a bastard problem eh!

Imagine the ‘United Kingdom’ mega rich actually giving a chunk of their wealth to eliminate homelessness and foodbanks, neither can I. I’d say it would be a small percentage of their riches.

Not forgetting, many folks are also getting fed up of the working to middle class differences. Those that live in a comfortable yet thin bubble of everything’s lovely perfect peaceful and brilliant – it’s a thin bubble for you.

Then again all those in a nice life would simply say it’s down to the governments to sort, or just ignore those below eh…



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