E.U. 2019 elections.

So, it’s here, this is the most important European Union elections ever for the United Kingdom.

I was in the Labour party, finished. I joined the For Britain Party of Anne Marie Waters, I joined because they represent my views on life. Next it would be Gerard Batten of the United Kingdom Independence Party, he is doing a great job of rebuilding them. Then it would be Nigel Farage of the Brexit Party.

For Britain are not standing in the EU elections. UKIP are standing in all areas with a manifesto. The Brexit Party are standing in all areas without a manifesto. Tommy Robinson is also standing in the North-West.

So, if I lived in the North West I would vote Tommy Robinson. Everywhere else I would vote UKIP, yet at the bottom and if necessary I would vote for the Brexit Party.

This is the beginning to getting rid of the shit two party system of the Conservatives & Labour, plus the other out of touch nuts of the LibDems & the Greens. All are middle to upper class traitors. Oh, all the Antifa & other stupid demonstrators are middle to upper class (and beyond) far left fascist elitist fuckwits – do not forget.

Vote for a leave the European Union party in the United Kingdom on the 23rd May 2019.

The working classes are back!

Drain the swamp…

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