Is this where we are heading?

I didn’t know a D-notice had been served on coverage of the French yellow vests protests and suspect ‘they’ know if the United Kingdom government do not do as told then I feel sure it will end with people on the streets big time. Up to 600 armoured vehicles are being manufactured, shhh… But it’s here.

D notice

The government are already getting ready for when the British public finally kick off due to the incompetence of the traitors in House of Commons as in the shut down of reporting of the French protests.

These vehicles are not going to be used like tanks in another country. Mark my word they are for use in the UK or at worse an EU army. The government must deliver a WTO Brexit and also stop the silencing of those that say anything right of left. We have had enough, Millions of us.

Unfortunately I can see civil unrest. Most folks I chat with feel the same, apart from those I know who happen to be far left. I hope it doesn’t but ‘we’ can hardly say anything before being accused of some phobia or another, I’m sick to fuck of it.


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