A sarcoid at work

The first few days in my new job were good, very nervous on the first day, in-fact, when I got there and were being introduced to the sections and teams I burst into a daft sarcoid sweat, for those who understand its so annoying and embarrassing.

As I hoped for, come the second day the sweats had calmed lots, and I finally started some of the work by myself, and this second day ended with a team outing in Leeds, very good night indeed, I had to leave for the train at 10:15pm yet the one night you wanted the trains to be on time, then they weren’t, I needed to get to Ilkley, hmmm, I ended up getting the Skipton train and got off at Shipley, this was a plan hoping that the Bradford to Ilkley train still had to run, yes, what a great plan, back to Ilkley for 11:15 and a taxi on home.

The third day I felt much more comfortable, the team outing (Five female and four male) was a brilliant ice breaker! thankfully of my time leaving as some didn’t get to bed until 1:30 and 4:00am!

Yes im enjoying being in work again, sarcoids can work, im in the one in ten of sarcoids and will still push on, its 40 hours per week and so its vital to rest lots too. One thing that happened on Friday, my left eye played up somewhat, I had got some new drops and plus im at the eye specialist on 14th November, I will ask what else we can do? though I will be getting some reactor lenses glasses, although its a nice office working environment I still need to keep elements out of my eyes.

Onwards and upwards still!!!

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