How to make ice easy for whisky

A good friend got me some nice whisky for the festive (thanks Elvis!), yet I did not have an ice maker and nor was I going to pay for a bag of ice, mind you, it would have thawed out by the time I got it home, and I do not have enough room in the freezer!

And so you can view the Glenmorangie Whisky, sniff up, hmmm… oh yes, I decided to get one of those silicone ice cube trays as they are easy to push the ice out, but…

When you fill them up they bend all over, in fact they just bend regardless, and so after much thought I got the bulb and as can be seen, I found another use for my frozen home made meals…

Yes what a great idea, place the silicone ice cube tray onto that frozen meal and place into the freezer, top idea eh! Look at all those meals too.

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