Acupuncture on my tendinitis ankles

So, we finally came to a decision, the tendinitis of my ankles is more than likely caused by the sarcoidosis, and as I have been on upto 40mg of Prednisolone per day for approaching two years its time to try get off it, well, reduce it and see what happens?

OK the quality is not brilliant from my mobile, I do have a decent camera but keep forgetting! We know that reducing the Pred will cause some problems to raise an ugly head that it has been masking, so lets see how the needles help with my sarcoid ankles.

What I will say here, that above needle on the left I certainly felt, but not in the pain as you might expect, it were a very strange yet relaxing sensation that also mildly went up my leg!

I could find it very easy to drift away while having those little needles shoved in me, hmmm, yes I certainly enjoyed them, oh, its mental pain I don’t like, so lets see what happens over the next few weeks.

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